Dear all

It is with my great pleasure and honor to announce the “The First International Conference on Natural Science, Mathematics, and Education 2018” which will be held from 07-08 July 2018 in the University of Jember, East Java, Indonesia. It is the first international conference organized by Department of Science and Math FKIP  – University of Jember in cooperation with CGANT and Trop-NRC, and ILC Research Group. The conference is held to welcome participants from around the world, with broad and diverse research interests in natural science and mathematics and its applications. The mission is to become an annual international forum in the future, where, civil society organization and representative, research students, academics and researchers, scholars, scientist, teachers and practitioners from all over the world could meet in and exchange an idea to share and to discuss theoretical and practical knowledge about mathematics in application.

The aim of the first conference is to present and discuss the latest research that contributes to the sharing of new theoretical, methodological and empirical knowledge and a better understanding in the area Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and its applications as well as Science and Math education.

The detail of themes of this conference are as follows:

  1. Material Science, Quantum Mechanics and Technology
  2. Graph Theory, Combinatorics, and Modelling
  3. Environmental Science and Technology
  4. Molecular, Biomedicine, and Health Science
  5. Instrumental and Measurement
  6. Science and Technology Education
  7. Renewable Energy

The targeted participants are among research students, academics and researchers, scholars, scientist, teachers and practitioners all around the world of at least 200 papers are expected to be presented in this conference with 70:30 ratio on local and international presenter.

On behalf of the Organising Committee, we motivate you to make this conference unforgettable and valuable event. We are looking forward to seeing you in our green campus of the University of Jember, East Java, Indonesia!

Associate Professor Dr. Dwi Wahyuni, M.Kes. 

Associate Professor in Biomedical Science  

Chairperson of Organising Committee

Department of Math and Science Education-University of Jember

The Inventor Of  BIO Ae HKI NO. 2015/ 01982.  Bioinsectisides to Aedes Aegypty larvae.

Research Interest : Biomedicine and Biopestisides.

Phone Number: +62812 166 470 97 (Dwi Wahyuni); +6281230495959 (Arif Fatahilah); +6285335111231 (Zainur Rasyid Ridlo); +6285746158567 (Lioni Angka Monalisa);e-mail:;;

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